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  Summary of Programme

Plenary Sessions (Main Hall)
-   Presented in English, with slide translations in BM and Mandarin

Theme Topic
Meeting Children's Needs
  • I am not "Special", I have Disability
  • Childhood Disability in Malaysia: A snapshot of the knowledge, attitudes and practice
  • Empowering children / young persons with disability
Families Moving Forward
  • How Families Overcome Challenges
  • How Families Help One Another and Getting Organised
  • How Professionals Can Support Families
Action for Inclusion
  • Preparing Families and Child for Inclusion
  • How Teachers Can Make Inclusive Education Work in Schools
  • Together We Can Make Inclusion A Reality
Mobilising Community / Making the Right to Inclusion Real
  • Innovtion for Inclusion
  • Initiatives to Engage Local Communities

Public Forum
-  我要做你的好帮手——如何扶持特殊家庭 (How can I interact with / support a Family with SEN?)
-  How can I interact with and support a Family with SEN

Concurrent Session - revolving (90 mins)
-  6 Presentations in English, BM and Mandarin - 2 slots each
-  Some topics may be repeated in difference language



Child: Behaviour Support & Development of Skills (I)
  1. Positive Behaviour Support for Children with ASD
  2. Supporting children with needs in Playgroups
  3. 音乐治疗实务运用 (Music Therapy)
  4. 正向行为支持 (Positive Behaviour Support)
  5. Terapi Muzik (Music Therapy)
  6. Kesedaran tubuh badan dan Perlindungan diri bermula sejak kecil (Teaching body awareness and self-protection from early years)
Child: Behaviour Support & Development of Skills (II)
  1. Play-based learning - what is it and how to do it
  2. Music in Therapy
  3. (i)  特殊儿如何融入幼儿园:早疗老师的经验分享 (Supporting children with SEN in kindies lessons learnt)
    (ii) 阅读障碍在普通班:如何支持学习 (Supporting learners with dyslexia in mainstream class)
  4. 如何教特殊孩子认知身体与自我保护 (Teaching body awareness and self-protection from early years)
  5. Pengukuhan Tingkah Laku Positif untuk Kanak-kanak Autisme (Positive Behaviour Support for Children with ASD)
  6. Membina Komunikasi Melalui Aktiviti Harian (Communication through Daily Activities)
Family, Inclusion, and Transition
  1. (i)   Parents' emotions and spousal relationship
    (ii)  Building family relationships while caring for child  with disability
    (iii) Beyond Diagnosis and Intervention - What I Wish Professionals Would Know
  1. (i)  Transition to school, communication with school teachers
    (ii)  Planning inclusion of CWD in daily activities and routines - Independence through Chores
  1. (i)  牵手一起走:如何维护夫妻感情 (Spousal Support)
    (ii) 手足的自我建设和情绪需求 (Sibling Support)
  1. 教学调整的实务分享 (Accommodation Strategies)
  1. (i)  Bagaimana Ibu Dapat Menampung dan Membangunkan Sistem Sokongan (Support for Mothers)
    (ii) Merancang Masa Depan Anak Saya (Planning for my child's future)
  1. (i)  Strategi untuk Merangkumi Pelajar OKU dalam Pembelajaran (Accommodation Strategies)
    (ii) Memupuk kesedaran dan penerimaan OKU di sekolah (Fostering Respect of Diversity & Disability)
Transition & Engaging Community
  1. (i)  Planning Ahead: When Do We Start
    (ii) Preparing child for work
  1. Multisensory Learning Strategies for Children with Dyslexia
  1. (i)  爱奇儿的就业发展与职前预备 (Preparing child for work)
    (ii) 浅谈信托规划与应用 (Trust fund planning)
  1. (i)  如何在社区推动融合 (Reaching out to local community)
    (ii) 让特殊儿走进社会 (Inclusion of CWD in community)
  1. (i)  Peranan Ibubapa dalam Membantu Anak Bersedia untuk Zaman Dewasa dan Pekerjaan (Role of parents in preparing child for work and adulthood)
    (ii) Peranan Guru Sekolah dalam Transisi ke Pekerjaan (Role of school teachers in transition to work)
  1. (i)  Meningkatkan Penglibatan Golongan OKU dalam komuniti (Advocating for greater participation in community for CWD)
    (ii) Aktiviti-aktiviti yang Inklusif dalam Komuniti (Planning Inclusive community activities)

Interactive Sessions - revolving (60 mins)
-  Q&A sessions with panel speakers
-  6 Presentations in English, BM and Mandarin - 2 topics each slot

Topics include:

  • Inclusive Music - sharing of experience
  • How to help my child eat and sleep better
  • 从小让孩子自立,帮孩子敞开一片色彩天空 (Enabling Self-Independence)
  • 父亲们可以如何参与 Father Involvement (How to play with child)
  • Membantu Kanak-kanak Disleksia (Strategies for dyslexia)
  • Membantu Anak CP Berdikari / Mencapai Kejayaan di Sekolah (Supporting Independence of Children with Cerebral Palsy in School)

>>  Inclusive Education practical strategies
>>  Alternative Treatment and Therapies
>>  读写障碍的有效教学技巧 (Strategies for Students with Dyslexia in School)
>>  在融合教室里如何有效扶持特殊儿童——实务教学分享 (Inclusive Education practical strategies)
>>  Kerjasama untuk Menjayakan Pendidikan Inklusif di Sekolah (Partnerships for inclusion in kindergarten and school)
>>  Special Olympics: Kurikulum Jasmani (Special Olympics Sports Curriculum)

Click here for Summary of Programme (PDF)