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29-Jun-2020 Saving early intervention service for children with disabilities - group statement
29-Jun-2020 Saving Our Early Intervention Service For Children With Disabilities
15-Apr-2020 限行令后,幼教中心防范冠病建议指南
15-Apr-2020 全国儿童早期疗育执委会编写幼教中心防疫指南
10-Apr-2020 Ensuring a Covid-19-safe environment for early intervention centres, childcare centres and kindergartens post-lockdown
10-Oct-2019 Re-think education for special needs children
01-Aug-2019 Spirit of Inclusive Education
31-Jul-2019 In education, we should be asking 'how can we become more inclusive?'
04-Jun-2019 Inclusive Preschool Course attracts 26 participants
02-May-2019 Positive Behaviour Support
16-Apr-2019 Lifelong caring for disabled
15-Apr-2019 Persons with disability are gifts, not burden on society
27-Mar-2019 Symbols matter: Reengineering the disability outlook
07-Jan-2019 儿童早疗会:享平等教育. 加强融合教育接纳特殊儿
24-Sep-2018 Should we continue to ignore the Child Act and child rights in Malaysia?
08-Sep-2018 毕理学院NECIC签意向书 培训学前融合教育师资
08-Sep-2018 开办融合教育文凭课程 毕理儿童疗育会前备忘录
08-Sep-2018 建立师资培训夥伴关系 毕理学院与NECIC签约
08-Sep-2018 MoA to enhance teachers of special children
08-Sep-2018 MoA to offer Diploma programme inked

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